Prism Journey

“Prism Inks, Journey: 1999 – Continues…”

The Prism Journey

Launched in 1999, Prism Inks is an Inkjet Ink and Fluids Development and Manufacturing company based in Sunnyvale, CA, in the heart of Silicon Valley.

 Prism Inks, Inc. was co-founded by Amir Ajanee, President & CEO and Graham Dracup, Exec. Vice President of Operations, based upon a philosophy of using world-class manufacturing and development for the benefit of its customers and its employees.

Both Ajanee and Dracup are immigrants to the U.S. Ajanee came from Pakistan as a teenager. Dracup was born in the United Kingdom and immigrated to work at Topaz Technologies. Ajanee and Dracup both worked at Topaz Technologies but had an entrepreneurial itch to start their own company together. When the opportunity presented itself, Prism Inks was formed.

The Journey is truly what the American dream is made of. A rag to riches story. Starting in 1600 square feet facility to becoming one of the largest Inkjet Ink manufacturers occupying over 35,000 square feet of manufacturing space and producing 3.5 metric tons of Inkjet inks a day.

“We are true believers in the American dream of working hard to achieve fuller lives and better opportunities for all of our coworkers so that they participate in the success of the company. For years we have shared a portion of the annual profits with our employees so that their hard work is further recognized and rewarded. This is important to both Graham and me,” stated Ajanee.

 According to Dracup, “Although I am pleased with the exponential growth rate and financial success of the company, I am far prouder of being able to provide well-paying jobs with excellent benefits to our employees. Prism Inks is a melting pot of employees with diverse backgrounds like Amir and me, and being able to provide for our employees is indeed a blessing.”

Prism Inks is dedicated to the development, production, packaging, and distribution of a variety of inkjet inks and inkjet fluids for different inkjet printing platforms. 100% of inks are manufactured for private label customers as a turnkey product and made to the highest quality standards. Prism Ink creates a customized solution that targets the needs of its customers.


Prism Inks Was Formed and Started With 3 People, 1600 Square Feet of Space and a Dream…


First Ink Company to Develop Water-Based Latex Inks


Developed a Mild Solvent Ink When the Rest of the Industry Was Manufacturing Harsh Solvent Ink


First Major Ink Company to Stop Manufacturing Mild Solvent Inks


First Major Ink Company to Move 100% Of Its Manufacturing to Water Based and UV Curable Inks


Developed High-Speed Printing Technology


Developed New Formulations to Remove Over 99.8% Of All Hazardous Air Pollutants From Its Ink


100% Of Its Incoming Chemical Drums, Pallets, Waste Filters and Inks and Cardboard Packaging All Recycled


Developed Ink From Materials Derived From Corn


Prism Ownership Became a Majority Shareholder in Alliance Ink, a Company Dedicated to Serving the Needs of Printer and Print Head Manufacturers Around the World; Prism Also Became a Majority Shareholder in Inkjetbiz, an E-commerce Site Marketing the World’s Leading Digital Imaging Brands


Prism Ownership Became a Majority Shareholder in Graphics One, Which Has Been Focused On the Integration and Distribution of Imaging Systems Since the Year 2000


This Group of Companies Serve the Broader Printing Industry – Stay Tuned as the Journey Continues…