Contract Manufacturing

“Prism Provides a Full Turnkey Solution Including Development, Branding, Logistics and Service.” 

Are you seeking a domestic U.S. manufacturer with the ability to not only manufacture ink and fluids but also provide logistics and customer service in the Americas? The Prism Group is your answer.  

Americas Manufacturing

With the high cost of transportation, many offshore ink suppliers have turned to Prism Inks to produce products already formulated for local manufacturing, logistics and service. Why? Prism Inks has a world-class automated U.S.-based manufacturing site with the capability to assist with development, branding, logistics, and quality control and provide customer service in a turnkey capability. Prism Inks manufacture these inks or fluids under an agreement where the intellectual property rights remain with its original owner

“The Prism Value Proposition is to Provide the Highest Quality at a Reasonable Price, which Makes All the Difference to You and Your Customers. And, We Deliver.”

How to Get Started

The process is easy. All you need to do is reach out through our contact form or, better yet, call today. We will work with you to develop the most efficient process that includes manufacturing, packaging, labeling, storage and logistics.

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