DTF Direct-to-Film (Aqua Pigment Ink)


One of the fastest-growing markets in digital imaging is the direct-to-film (DTF), also referred to as film-to-fabric (FTF) market.

Prism was one of the first companies in the Americas to produce this type of ink. Currently offering two different inksets for this market, including desktop and professional systems with different types of printheads. In both cases, the ink from Prism is compatible with virtually all fabrics. For the desktop market, Prism manufactures the only CMYK inkset that does not require a white underbase. This capability not only reduces costs, but the feel of the transfer is barely noticeable. The professional inkset version is noted for its high quality, flowability for printhead protection and overall vibrant output.

Distributed by Graphics One, a Prism Group company, under the GO TransferMate brand. OEM branding is available.

  • No White Needed for CMYK Imaging
  • Vibrant Transfers
  • Exceptional Image Quality
  • Highest Quality Ink Components
  • Available for a Wide Range of Print Heads
  • Made in the USA
  • Garment Decoration
  • Fabric Decoration
  • Home Goods 

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