Dye Sub to Paper (Aqua Dye Sub Ink)


Vibrant colors with deep blacks have become the trademark of the Prism Sublimation Ink. The Prism Dye Sub Ink features new dispersing technology that materially increases jetting reliability, image quality, shelf life and color consistency. The result is consistent, vivid and beautiful images on a day-to-day basis.

This product is available for many different Printheads.

Distributed by Graphics One, a Prism Group company, under the GO SubliMate brand. OEM branding is available.

  • Features New Dispersing Dye Sub Technology
  • Outstanding Light Fastness
  • High Density Colors with Deep Black
  • Ultra-Crisp, Vibrant and Detailed Transfer Images
  • High Speed Imaging with Fast Drying
  • Available in Bottles, Bags and Cartridges
  • Made in the USA
  • Dye Sub to Fabrics
  • Dye Sub to Hard Surfaces

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