Film Positive / Negative (Aqua Pigment Ink)

Prism Film Positive / Negative Aqua Pigment Ink is being used to design and create photopolymer flexographic plates for a variety of printing applications. This ink can also be used for film positive / negative printing, but most customers use our dye version.

Distributed by Graphics One, a Prism Group company, under the GO ScreenMate® brand. OEM branding is available.

  • High Quality Film Positive Ink for Creation of Photopolymer Flexographic Plates
  • Film Positive / Negative Inkjet Separations Also Use this Ink
  • Nano Self Dispersing Technology Absorbs 99.9 Percent of all UV Light
  • Virtually Instantaneous Drying Time
  • Outstanding Density and High-Speed Imaging
  • Available in Two Formulations: for MicroTFP Printheads and DX Printheads
  • Made in the USA
  • Creation of Photopolymer Flexographic Plates
  • Film Positive and Negative Ink for Screen Printing

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