Manufacturing Capabilities

“Superior Manufacturing. Superior Ink.”

Prism Inks is one of the largest independent digital ink manufacturers in the Americas and is recognized worldwide for the superior quality of its products. Prism’s strict quality control is a nonstop process that begins with defining processes and specific procedures to be followed at every step. We then provide a turnkey product starting from our selection of raw materials through production, branding and delivery of inks on your behalf.

Unique Manufacturing Capabilities

Our manufacturing capabilities are world-class, with an engineering team that has implemented fully automated in-line production systems utilizing in-house custom-made filling machines, specialized filter equipment, degassers with in-line testing, modular lines of production for quick changes and many other unique manufacturing technologies.

Our Internally developed ink intellectual property is solely owned by Prism Inks.

Capability Highlights

Our internally developed product manufacturing includes the following capabilities:

Automated In-Line Production in a 35,000 Square Foot Facility

Capacity of Manufacturing and Packaging 30,000 Liters of Ink per Week

Full R&D, Quality Control and Batch Data Reporting

Stringent Raw Material Testing

Customer Established Quality Control Procedures

Consistent and Predictable Batch-To-Batch Output

On-Site Warehousing With Worldwide Logistics and Shipping

Ship Approximately 3.5 Metric Tons Daily

“Prism Inks is One of the Largest Independent Digital Ink Manufacturers in the Americas.”

How to Get Started

The process is easy. All you need to do is reach out through our contact form or, better yet, call today. We will work with you to develop the most efficient process that includes manufacturing, packaging, labeling, storage and logistics.

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