Michael Salesky

Manufacturing and Quality Assurance

  • Michael graduated from UConn in 1988 with a BS in Physics, and from Kent State University in 1990 with an MS in particle physics.
  • After graduating, he worked at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center for 22 years. First, in accelerator operations, he operated the SLC accelerator while learning the numerous technologies that comprise these incredible machines. Then, in operational safety management he helped establish an internal nationally-recognized testing laboratory (similar to UL or CE) to ensure the safety of the large volume of in-house built specialty equipment. Finally, he designed radiological safety systems where he was a principal designer for the LCLS free electron laser radiation safety systems; the LCLS is the world’s premier free-electron laser.
  • Michael joined Prism in 2014, initially as QA Manager, but quickly realized that he could improve reliability and quality by building custom manufacturing equipment.
  • In his spare time, Michael is an award-winning Maker, combining art and engineering, and has exhibited creations at the Maker Faire, Burning Man, the Oakland Autumn Light Festival, and numerous other events.