Prism Launches Next-Gen DTF Ink

Dazzling, Dependable, Durable Output Every Time

  • Dazzling – Vibrant Colors with Extended Color Gamut
  • Dependable – Pros Choice for Everyday Use without Ink Runnability Issues
  • Durable – Washability and Colorfastness Similar to DTG Images

With the wide variety of DTF Systems being launched, Prism Inks has quickly become the go-to source for those seeking dazzling, dependable and durable DTF Ink. Featuring ink sets for both desktop and industrial imaging, the Prism offering has quickly become the leading ink for OEMs.
The Prism inkset includes CMYK and White colors and is manufactured in Sunnyvale, California, U.S.A.

DTF Ink Replacement
Continually losing printheads or experiencing ink delivery issues is very frustrating. With various companies coming into the market that have never created professional inks or supported industrial applications, DTF providers have discovered the true meaning behind “you get what you pay for.” Prism Inks can help you as an alternative to the currently available offshore products.

DTF Consumables
Not only is a high-quality ink required for success, but other consumables must be used in the DTF imaging process and it is vital that these are developed concurrently. While Prism Inks was creating its DTF ink, there was concurrent development of DTF powder and DTF film. With this complete system approach, a user can be assured of:

  • High Color Saturation
  • Excellent Printability with Minimal Print Head Issues
  • Washability Means the Image Holds Up Well
  • Compatibility with Virtually Every Fabric
  • Ease of Use Implies Simple Maintenance
  • Excellent Value Proposition with Outstanding Quality at Reasonable Pricing
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A. in Sunnyvale, California

Remember, if you seek dazzling, dependable and durable DTF Ink, Prism is the answer.

Prism Inks – Assured Satisfaction
Prism Inks was the first company to produce DTF ink in the Americas. Prism has been in the forefront of developing and manufacturing many leading garment decorating inks with DTF being the newest. Without a doubt, the combination of Prism’s high-quality ink, powder and film can achieve beautiful and brilliant decorated garments not achievable with other technologies.