R&D Capabilities

“R&D Innovation is Our Secret.”

Prism Inks has long been a leader in producing inventive results to the perplexing challenges of the inkjet market. The secret to our success is the innovative solutions and products produced by our R&D team.


Prism Ink Technology Center

At the Prism Ink Technology Center, we combine cutting-edge technology development with manufacturing processes that define and deliver to new levels of customers’ expectations. With our state-of-the-art analytical testing equipment, we can develop the products at lightning speed. This helps our customers to bring their products to market in a timely fashion. With this advanced scientific equipment at our disposal, we are also able to fully our production group with raw material, in-process and Final batch testing to ensure that all batches are consistent and meet the specs developed in conjunction with our customers. This includes the physical properties, jetting, filterability, and color consistency testing

Our multi-faceted R&D capabilities go beyond just product development and ensure batch-to-batch consistency for physical properties, filtration, and color matching. We also specialize in Product Integration. With a vast knowledge of print heads, software, and printer parts, such as pumps, Tubing, O rings and ink pouches, we assist our customers with full system integrations. Working closely with our customers and our business development and marketing teams, our team of chemists and technical support staff deliver fully integrated solutions we have developed in concert with our customers. Our staff includes color scientists, software/hardware engineers, and chemists, all with extensive experience in digital ink manufacturing.

State-of the-Art Lab Equipment

One of the significant strengths of our team is the ability to not only use advanced technology in the Prism R&D labs but also to leverage our association with some of the world’s leading engineering universities to access sophisticated leading-edge lab equipment.

Our Equipment

We use cutting-edge instrumentation to ensure that our products are robust since our customers are our priority, and we want to ensure they have no loss in productivity.

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