Sign and Banners (UV / LED Curable Ink)


Recognizing the enormous potential of UV Curable Ink, Prism Inks has long been involved with manufacturing this type of product. Not only will our UV ink adhere to most substrates, but the imaged substrate will be usable almost immediately. Additionally, our UV ink is environmentally very safe, with no VOCs, ozone or fumes being released into the air, and the energy needed for curing the ink is lower than other printing technologies. The inks are designed for high-speed printing.

Distributed by Graphics One, a Prism Group company. OEM branding is available.

  • UV inks are able to adhere to most substrate making one of the most adaptable inks available
  • Drying is instant due to the curing process of the UV lamps
  • Colors are vibrant and sharper than other types of inks
  • Quality is consistent over long imaging runs
  • Very eco-friendly due to the lack of VOCs
  • Made in the USA
  • Packaging
  • Signs and Banners

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