“The Prism Group has Long Been a Steward of Protecting, Preserving and Transforming Sustainability into Concrete Results.”


The Prism Group has long been a steward of doing its best to protect, to preserve and to create solutions that transform sustainability into concrete results. Long a proponent of reducing its environmental footprint, Prism has led the digital imaging industry with sustainability by working with local, state and Federal agencies to develop programs and policies that fully protect environmental concerns for a better and sustainable future

“Prism Inks has Always Been a Proponent and Leader in Developing Innovative Sustainability Solutions, Long Before the Term Became Mainstream.”

Our Innovations Include the Following:

Developed Mild Solvent Ink When the Rest of the Industry was Manufacturing Harsh Solvent Ink

Developed Water-Based Latex Inks Years Before Others

First Major Ink Company to Move 100% of its Manufacturing to Water-Based and UV Curable Inks

First Major Ink Company to Stop Manufacturing Mild Solvent Based Inks

Recycled 100% of its Incoming Chemical Drums, Pallets, Waste Filters, Inks and Cardboard Packaging from Day One

Developed Ink from Materials Derived from Corn

Though we must pay a higher manufacturing cost for these steps, our goal has always been to provide products that are safe and superior in technology but also enhance our customers’ goals for sustainability.

With the Prism Group, sustainability goes beyond environmental concerns. We believe in sustainable development that accommodates the needs of current and future generations. The health and safety of our employees, suppliers and customers are of paramount importance and a key part of our decision-making process as it relates to sustainability.  

We make safe products in safe facilities and do our utmost to keep our colleagues, community and customers safe. 

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