Prism Inks' Hybrid Ink for STF Wins Printing United Pinnacle Technology Award

Sublimation-to-Film (STF) Hybrid Ink, Wins 2023 Pinnacle Award for New Technology

Proudly Made in the USA

Prism Inks has the Widest Range of High Performance Digital Inks for Different Industry Applications.

State-of-the-Art Production

Prism Inks’ Manufacturing Capabilities are World Class for Both Internally Produced Products and for Those Companies Requiring Contract Manufacturing.

World-Class Research and Development

Prism Inks Multi-Faceted R&D Capabilities Range from Basic Laboratory Analysis to Ink-and-Media Matchmaking, Jetting Testing, Print Head Technology, System Integrations and More.

Prism Launches Next-Gen DTF Ink

Dazzling, Dependable, Durable Output Every Time

Application and Product  Hub

INKredible Quality”.

Garment Decor


Dye Sublimation



Photographic / Graphic Arts

Aqua Dye

Aqua Pigment



Aqua Dye (Piezo)

Aqua Pigment (Piezo)

Aqua Dye (Thermal)

Aqua Pigment (Thermal)

Eco Solvent

Film Separations


Aqua Dye

Aqua Pigment

Signs and Banners


Eco Solvent

UV / LED Curable

Dye Sublimation

Aqua Pigment

Aqua Dye



Aqua Pigment

UV / LED Curable

Specialty Fluids



Dye Sub to Cotton

Clear Fluid

Model Fluid

Other Technologies


High Speed Printing

Food Grade Compliance

Latex Printing

Printing Direct to OPP

“Customer Driven, Technology Focused.”

Working Together

“Innnovation Through Partnership.”

New Business Opportunities

As one of the largest independent digital ink manufacturers in the Americas, Prism Inks offers a variety of ways to work together. Our two main programs are for joint development and manufacturing of new types of inks and fluids, and for contract manufacturing of products that are already developed. In both cases, you can be assured of world-class quality, controls and includes the following capabilities:  

  • Automated In-Line Production in a 35,000 Square Foot Facility
  • Capacity of Manufacturing and Packaging 30,000 liters of Ink per Week
  • Full R&D, Quality Control, Raw Material Testing and Batch Data Reporting
  • On-site Warehousing with Worldwide Logistics and Shipping

R&D Capabilities

With our state-of-the-art analytical testing equipment, we can develop products at lightning speed. This helps our customers to launch their products in a timely fashion. With this advanced scientific equipment at our disposal, we are also able to fully qualify our raw material, in-process work and final batch testing to ensure that all batches are consistent and meet the specifications developed in conjunction with our customers.



Our multi-faceted integration capabilities go beyond product development and ensure batch-to-batch consistency for physical properties, filtration, and color matching. We also specialize in product Integration. With a vast knowledge of print heads, software and printer parts, such as pumps, tubing, O-rings and ink pouches, we assist our customers with full system integrations.

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